Development of electronic case management system for social services


Terms of Reference

Title of Assignment Development of electronic case management system for social services
Purpose Establishment of institutional capacity and mechanism for quality assurance and data generation in social services
Section CP
Contracting type National institutional contract
Location Baku, Azerbaijan
Duration  60 days
From: 15 July 2019 To:  15 July 2020


  1. Background


Azerbaijan has achieved significant progress in economic and social development since its independence. The country’s economic development has been accompanied by the reforms in social protection system which encompasses main components as social insurance, social assistance, social compensation and social services. Recent transformations were particularly evident in the social services system. Adoption of the Law on Social Services (2012) triggered development and reorganization of various social services provided to the most vulnerable groups, including children. However, despite some recent positive advancements in terms of the development and expansion of community based social services through social contracting modality, there is a strong need for quality assurance, data generation and monitoring of services.


Social work for individuals and families requires traditional (paper based) case management procedures to maintain efficient operations. However, service driven objectives and a human focused mission require measuring and understanding the impact of program efforts on participants, their families, and communities in real-time as much as possible. As the best international experience indicate, creating electronic case management and monitoring and evaluation system will support to meet this need in social services. Such an electronic system will help to track the changes in the lives of beneficiaries of social care programmes, and the impact of every social programme over time. Such technological solutions will facilitate quick and easy tracking of efforts, outcomes, and participant progress. This in turn will help to track the funds made available to the NGO programmes and monitoring of activities of individual parties in the service provider chain. These efforts will help to increase quality, efficiency and effectiveness of government funded NGO-run social care services targeting vulnerable children and their families. Therefore, UNICEF intends to provide technical assistance to the Government on identifying and applying relevant IT solutions on case management and quality assurance of social services.



  1. Purpose

The Objectives of this task is to recommend and develop an Electronic Case Management (ECM) system with digital software and guidelines for case management and quality assurance of social services and capacitate the stakeholders (NGO’s and Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population), which will serve to:


  • Using the most advanced technology including both computer-based software and mobile Applications to taking real time records of the social protection services on identification of the cases of needs, track of the social services and/or referral services provided, and assessment of the final results, following the Standards of Procedures (SOPs) of key social services provided to the most vulnerable children and their families. Ensuring the Government has all the required data and knowledge about children and families benefiting from social care services;
  • Ensuring the Government, NGOs and other relevant parties have the capacity to use the digital tools to guide responsive actions, timely monitoring and reporting so to ensure children receive adequate, quality and timely services from service providers in accordance with the approved SOPs and that these programmes make impact on the lives of beneficiaries;
  • Producing quantitative and qualitative reports with disaggregated analytical information through dashboards, tabulations and analytical reports to support the Government on monitoring and evaluation of the progress and impact of the social care services funded by the State budget and other resources, and policy recommendations for further improvement.


  1. Description of tasks


Within this assignment the following tasks should be fulfilled:


Stage 1. Reviewing the existing SOPs and programme guidelines on case management for social services to children (case management for supporting children with disabilities and their families, violence against children and children in contact with the law). Visiting the field and understanding how the case management and referral are done, which forms are used for different purposes. Discussing with UNICEF and developing a clear description of user needs and design of the product.

Stage 2. Preparing a detailed technical proposal with the list of required data collection tools (the company may suggest simplifying some of the forms) used in the framework of the Modelling of Integrated Social Services project, clear scheme of information and process flow, and technical specifications for both specific software and hardware requirement including server space required for the system (server will be provided by the MoLSPP) and estimation of the cost, including a PowerPoint Presentation to UNICEF and MoLSPP.

Stage 3. Presenting, consulting and validating the content and technical structure of the system with MoLSPP and social service providers;

Stage 4. Developing the first draft version of the electronic data base and case management system;

Stage 5. Testing the system in one of the pilot social service centers for one month and addressing bug fixes and troubleshooting based on the feedback received from the centre.

Stage 6. Revising and finalizing the electronic data base and case management system incorporated the feedback of UNICEF, MoLSPP and NGOs and start production;

Stage 7. Providing training on usage of the Electronic Case management (ECM) System to the staff of the centres and responsible staff of the MoLSPP.

Stage 8. Rolling-out the system in all centres and providing technical support when and where needed;

Stage 9. Providing technical maintenance and troubleshooting support for one year from the period rolling out the system.

Technical parameters of electronic data base and case management will be developed considering the social work case management procedures, as well as other existing related software packages. The specification should be comprehensive to fulfil the needs of the MoLSPP with regards to case management and monitoring of social care services. It needs to outline the key technical parameters of the electronic platform and its functionality in the country, compatibility with the existing systems of the MoLSPP, including data sharing protocols etc. since it is more likely that the developed system will be part of the ministry’s data system in near future. Meeting the requirements of the Azerbaijani Law on “Data, Data Processing and Data Protection” is also a must. Joint consultations with the Ministry, social workers and software specialists will be carried out and finalized in the form of technical specifications and content of the system.


  1. Deliverables and time-frame


  Expected deliverable Suggested delivery duration
  Description of deliverables using result language Number of working days
1. Visiting the field and understanding the process 2 days
1. Detailed technical proposal, including clear scheme of the information and process flow 10 days
Prepare first draft version of the ECM system 10 days
3. Test the ECM system in one of the centres 5 days
4. Upgrade and update the ECM system incorporated the feedback of UNICEF, MoLSPP and NGOs; 5 days
5. Provide trainings to the NGOs and the staff of the MoLSPP 10 days
6. Provide technical maintenance and troubleshooting 20 days
  Total days:  60 days


  1. Qualification requirements


  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)/ National Civil Society Organization (CSO)/Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)/ Academic institution;
  • Minimum 5-7 years of practical and consultancy experience in the area of software development. Special experience of development of similar case management system will be an asset;
  • Strong technical expertise in the relevant IT solutions;
  • Strong experience and expertise in capacity needs assessment, training and coaching;
  • Proven ability to demonstrate initiative, flexibility and drive for results;
  • Native Azerbaijani, knowledge of English is advantage;


  1. Supervision


The services will be directly supervised by the Child Protection Specialist of UNICEF Azerbaijan with the support of the Child Rights Monitoring Specialist and overall supervision of the Deputy Representative.


  1. Application

Interested organizations must submit the following documents/information to  for application:


  1. a) A full proposal including budget;
  2. b) CV-s of key staff to be involved in the project;
  3. c) Examples of similar products (optional)


Incomplete application missing any of the key components above will not be considered.


Please indicate title of the assignment (“Development of electronic case management system for social services”) in the subject line of your application email. Email with missing or inappropriate subject line will not be considered.


Payment schedule

Budget is to be proposed by potential applicants and agreed with UNICEF in line with UN rules and regulations and based on optimal cost of services. Payments will be processed based on satisfactory completion of the tasks and submission of narrative and financial reports.


UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce and encourages applications from qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including people with disabilities.


Deadline: 15 July 2019, 18:00 pm.

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