Capacity building of the staff members of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population (MoLSPP) on child focused social work

Title of Assignment: Capacity building of the staff members of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population (MoLSPP) on child focused social work

Purpose: Establishment of sustainable capacity on social work and child protection at the MoLSPP

Section: Child Protection

Post title: National contract

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Duration: 129 days

From:   1 May 2019                To:  31 December 2019

  1. Background

Azerbaijan has achieved noticeable progress in economic and social development since its independence. The progress of poverty reduction as well as in other social development areas has benefited from the rapid economic growth and the country’s rich oil income that allowed the government to expand its budget expenditure in social sectors. ILO World Social Protection Report (2017) states that the Government’s investment to social protection shares approximately 8% of total GDP.

The reforms in social protection have been undertaken in parallel with the major developments in child protection system. As a result of continuous advocacy efforts and partnership of UNICEF with the key stakeholders in Government, the 2006-2015 State Programme on De-institutionalization and alternative care was adopted and implemented. Although the implementation of the State Programme has not been successful in terms of fully meeting expectations and targets, there has been achieved certain results in terms of transformation of state institutions. Adoption of the “Law on Social Services” (2011) brought advanced mechanisms for providing social services and is a major step forward in strengthening this system in the country. It offers a framework for provision of social services to persons and families experiencing hardships, including vulnerable children.

Presidential Decree on “Improvements of management in adoption” dated December 10, 2018 is considered as a significant development in protection of rights and welfare of children deprived of parental care. The comprehensive approach towards the context of de-institutionalisation in the framework of child protection reinforces social worker’s role in the process.

In this context, MoLSPP has requested UNICEF to provide technical assistance for capacity-building of the staff members working with children and families to maintain de-institutionalisation and adoption of children without parental care. UNICEF will support MoLSPP through provision of a Training of Trainers (TOT) programme on “Basic concept and principles of social work with children and families, child protection, and parenting skills. UNICEF will also support the staff with guidance and counselling.

  1. Purpose

The objective of this assignment is to build a capacity at the DOST Agency of the MoLSPP to deliver child-focused social work, particularly in the context of de-institutionalisation.

  1. Description of tasks

Within this assignment the following tasks should be fulfilled:

Stage 1. Develop a training package (methodology, presentations and handouts) in the Azerbaijani language which will include at least the below topics:

  • Basic principles, methods of child focused social work:
    1. Theoretical basics of social welfare and social work;
    2. Social work with children and families;
    3. Ethical values and principles in social work;
    4. Case Management (CM);
    5. Assessment Procedure;
    6. Core assessment methods and tools;
    7. Service provision and monitoring;
    8. Conflict resolution and crisis intervention;
    9. Social work interventions in Child protection system:
      1. Gatekeeping;
      2. Reunification of children deprived of parental care with biological families;
  • Adoption;
  1. Monitoring and evaluation of individual progress
  • Basic concepts of Child Rights:
    • International and national standards;
    • Legal and administrative issues in adoption process;
  • Parent- child relations and parental skills:
    • Motivation of potential parents for adoption of a child;
    • Recognition of biological identity of a child;
    • Building effective relationship with a child and fulfilling his/her needs;
    • Parental skills, child psychology;

Stege 2. Conduct 16 days TOT program for the staff of the MoLSPP, including pre-and post-test to measure the level of knowledge and skills gained through the training program;

Stege 3. Provide supervision to the staff through consultancy and counselling;

4. Deliverables and time-frame

  Expected deliverable Suggested delivery duration
Description of deliverables using result language Number of working days and deadline for the deliverable
1. Training package (methodology, presentations and handouts) 10 days
2. Conduction of 16 days TOT program for 2 groups, including pre and post-test for the staff of the MoLSPP (Baku) 32 days
3. Supervision to the staff through consultancy and counselling 87 days
  Total days: 129 days


  1. Qualification requirements
  • National Civil Society Organization (CSO)/Non-Governmental Organization (NGO);
  • Minimum 5 years of proven experience in providing social services for vulnerable children, preferably for children deprived of parental care;
  • Having team members with:
    • advanced university degree in Social Work, Psychology, Social Policy or related field;
    • minimum 3 years of consultancy experience (training, coaching) in the area of Social work with children and families, preferably in de-institutionalisation, child protection, and child development subjects;
    • strong presentation skills;
    • in-depth knowledge of social work, social services and child protection,
    • strong understanding of UNICEF’s mission and mandate;
    • proven ability to demonstrate initiative, flexibility and drive for results;
    • native Azerbaijani, knowledge of English is advantage;
  1. Supervision

The services will be directly supervised by the Child Protection Specialist of UNICEF Azerbaijan with overall supervision of the Deputy Representative.

  1. Application

Interested organizations must submit the following documents/information to and cc:  for application:

  1. a) CSO Identification Profile (template attached);
  2. b) A full proposal including budget;
  3. c) CV-s of key staff to be involved in the project

Incomplete application missing any of the key components above will not be considered.

Payment schedule

Budget is to be proposed by potential applicants and agreed with UNICEF in line with UN rules and regulations and based on optimal cost of services. UNICEF does not provide or arrange health insurance coverage. Payments will be processed based on satisfactory completion of the tasks and submission of narrative and financial reports.

UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages all candidates to apply to become a part of the organization.

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