WHO organises a workshop for journalists on primary health care and non-communicable diseases

WHO increases capacity building of journalists on primary health care and NCDs. Photo / WHO Azerbaijan

BAKU, 31 October – World Health Organization (WHO) Country Office in Azerbaijan held a two-day- workshop for some 20 journalists on primary health care and non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

The workshop involved journalists from leading media outlets, as well as representatives of the Public Health and Reform Center and the State Mandatory Health Insurance Agency.

The capacity building event aimed at sensitizing journalists on the importance of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) prior to the launch of the STEPS report (National survey on the risk factors of Non-Communicable Diseases) on 19 December 2019. Another goal of the seminar was to introduce the concept of primary health care, in the light of the healthcare reforms in Azerbaijan.

Communications experts from the WHO Regional Office for Europe and the UN Information Centre in Baku facilitated the workshop.

Dr. Hande Harmanci, WHO Representative in Azerbaijan opened the workshop by presenting the role of WHO globally and in Azerbaijan and emphasized the main health issues in the country, with particular focus on primary health care and NCDs. The session was followed by a lively Q&A session. The participants were involved in interactive sessions and scenarios to learn about policies and best-buys helping to control and to combat NCDs, also to discuss regarding cases on primary health care. In the second day, the workshop participants took part in a practical exercise on drafting health-related stories.

Participants shared positive feedback and their willingness to continue close collaboration with WHO.


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