WHO supports strengthening responses to fight against COVID-19 in Azerbaijan

BAKU, 16 April 2020 – Initiated by the World Health Organization, with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance, and the Ministry of Health, the REACT-C19 project is launched to strengthen essential capacities related to the COVID-19 response in selected hospitals in Azerbaijan. Some 19 Azerbaijani doctors working in Turkey will take part in the project.

The objectives are to set up systems of triage, infection prevention and control, case management and intensive care in selected hospitals in the regions, train teams in these hospitals to immediately create the necessary systems and to sustain them in the longer term and create online, mobile or digital technologies to mentor and support the newly-trained personnel.

Each of four hospital preparedness team consists of experts in the field of infection prevention and control, triage, case management and intensive care of severe acute respiratory illness (SARI).

The teams received instruction and hands-on practical training at Turkey’s selected universities in the areas indicated above. They also received practical training on change management and coping with stress. Since the doctors or nurses will already be specialists in the relevant area, the training courses will aim to update and standardize their knowledge and skills and provide them with additional tools for success during this deployment. They will be deployed to Azerbaijan to work under the Chief Medical Officer/Director of the selected hospitals. The resident hospital team will take over the responsibility to run the system after the external team moves on to another hospital.

The online platform will be created for healthcare workers to have easy access to materials, interaction with experts, online meetings, statistics and other supportive activities.

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