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Over the past 22 years, FAO has provided technical support to the Government of Azerbaijan as it pursues its development priorities in the areas of agriculture, food security and rural development, including livestock, forestry and fisheries.

FAO has implemented various development and emergency projects aimed at increasing agricultural productivity and contributing to the success of agrarian reforms, and finding positive solutions to challenges related to the country’s food security.

Recent cooperation with Azerbaijan includes policy and legal support to the Government on agriculture and the environment. FAO has also responded to Government requests for assistance on fisheries and aquaculture, improved access for small-scale farmers to high-quality seeds, dairy cattle improvement, and application of conservation agriculture in irrigated areas. Projects aimed at controlling transboundary animal diseases, and building locust-control capacity, address emergency preparedness and response.

Strengthened country focus

Since its accession the country was covered by FAO Regional Office for Europe located in Budapest/Hungary. As part of its decentralization process, the FAO Representation Office was created in Azerbaijan in August 2007. The office has been specifically responsible for addressing the needs of the Government and people of Azerbaijan in the agricultural and rural development sectors.

The Government of Azerbaijan has declared its intention to become a resource partner to FAO, firstly to fund projects implemented by FAO in the country and, secondly, as a potential donor for regional and global projects. With its resources and expertise, the Republic of Azerbaijan can contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the Europe and Central Asia region.

The FAO Representation in Azerbaijan, functioning since 2007, was upgraded and established as a FAO Partnership and Liaison Office in 2015.

The Agreement on Establishment of the FAO-Azerbaijan Partnership Programme was signed in 2015 between the Government of Azerbaijan and FAO. The Programme reflects the transition from mainly development assistance to a partnership based on the country’s significantly increased national capacities and a more knowledge-intensive, advocacy-driven national planning process. Azerbaijan and FAO will work together with other concerned groups, promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development and pursuing national development priorities.

Matching FAO expertise to national priorities

FAO assistance to Azerbaijan’s food and agriculture sector is determined by priorities set forth in the new FAO Country Programming Framework, developed with the Government of Azerbaijan in alignment with Azerbaijan: Vision 2020 and other national strategy documents. The current FAO Country Programming Framework brings together international best practices and global standards with national and regional expertise, covering the period from 2016 to 2020.

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