UN Resident Coordinator's speech at the closing ceremony of the Second Round of Post-2015 National Consultations in Azerbaijan. Dialogue with Civil Society: Young People

I am very pleased to participate in the closing and award ceremony of the MUN organized in the framework of the second round of Post-2015 national consultations. The consultations are co-organized by UNDP, UNFPA, the Ministry of Youth and Sport and the National Assembly of Youth Organizations.

The current Post-2015 national consultations in Azerbaijan are one could argue some what unique among the other global consultations, because in Azerbaijan they are concentrated on youth. Very recently we organized consultations in Ganja, the 2016 European Youth Capital and in Guba, the 2014 Azerbaijan Youth Capital. And final consultation takes place today in Baku, to validate the findings through a MUN format. It will also help us to provide our inputs to the global debate on the prioritization for the global post-2015 Development Agenda and contribute to the UN Secretary General’s report on shaping the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

The situation of youth around the world is often challenging, while youth is full of ambitions and expectations. Poverty and limited access to resources, education, healthcare and employment, along with social discrimination, lack of participation in decision-making, violence, conflicts, environmental degradation, and climate change hinder the full realization of youth rights, opportunities and their potential in many parts of the world. This increasingly can lead to worrying implications for both young people themselves and the society as a whole.

We have held national consultations to hear the voices of Azerbaijani youth and to make them a contribution to the global awareness raising on youth issues.  Like in other parts of the world, we did not want you to be just a recipient of the next agenda for the future of youth, but also a close partner to shape the future you will live in, and importantly share the responsibility to make a sustainable and bright future a reality for the entire society in your own country, the region and globally.

Azerbaijan will host the Global Forum on Youth Policy convened by the United Nations Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth together with UNDP, UNESCO and the Council of Europe in October 2014. The Forum represents a timely initiative to advance youth development in the post-2015 global development agenda. I am sure that the findings of our current national consultations will also benefit the deliberations of the Global Forum.  

Dear youth and all participants,

On behalf of the United Nations, I would like to thank each of you for your active participation in the national consultations held in two regions of Azerbaijan and in Baku.  As you just discussed the post-2015 Development Goals wearing the shoes of UN diplomats, you are now probably the first “politicians” who have witnessed how our future Goals could be. I am more than sure that they will be Sustainable Development Goals, as it must reflect the future we want. 

Thank you very much!

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