UN in Azerbaijan organises induction course for new members of United Nations Youth Advisory Council

UN in Azerbaijan organises induction course for new members of United Nations Youth Advisory Council, Baku, April 2019 Photo/UNO Azerbaijan

BAKU, 4 April 2019 – The United Nations (UN) Office in Azerbaijan organised the induction course for new members of the UN Youth Advisory Council (UNYAC) who will serve until 2020. Through UNYAC, UN in Azerbaijan trains and empowers young people from different regions of the country, enabling them to participate at and advise on the work of the UN.

National and international experts from various UN agencies operating in Azerbaijan trained 15 new members of UNYAC in the fields of environment, human rights, gender equality and children protection. They also briefed the participants about the UN structure and working principles.

“Seeing how passionate the Azerbaijani young people is a huge inspiration. Youth can create a dynamic force of social transformation when the knowledge and opportunities are given,” Mr. Ghulam Isaczai, UN Resident Coordinator in Azerbaijan, said in his welcoming speech. “Empowering youth leaders in Azerbaijan is critical in mainstreaming youth agenda in UN programmes,” he added.

“The reason why I decided to join UNYAC is to share ideas to promote Global Goals via youth-oriented actions that would hopefully contribute to positive developments in our society,” said Ms. Khumar Karimli, UNYAC member.

Young people aged 14-29 make up 31 percent of the population in Azerbaijan that increases the importance of their voices to be heard. In line with the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, the UNYAC programme offers the platform to formulating young people’s opinion by cooperating and empowering young leaders in Azerbaijan.

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