Speech by Ghulam M. Isaczai at the Reception dedicated to UN Day and UN Staff Day

Dear Hijran khanim, Chairperson of the State Committee for Family, Women and Children’s Affairs,
Honorable Members of Parliament,
Distinguished Representatives of the Government,
Excellencies, Ambassadors, and Members of the Diplomatic Corps,
My colleagues from the United Nations
Hörmətli xanımlar və cənablar,

I would like to sincerely thank all of for joining our UN family to celeberate the 71st Anniversary of the United Nations.

It is such an honor to find myself again on the platform with Hijran Khanim Chairperson of the State Committee for Family, Women and Children’s Affairs to say a few words about UN Azerbaijan Collaboration. Yesterday we were together to launch a joint project against Gender Based Violance.

Our close partnership with the State Committee on Family, Women and Children’s Affairs under the able leadership of Hijran Khanim is the microcosm of our broader partnership and cooperation with different institutions of the Government of Azerbaijan. We commend your leadership and the work of your committee in advancing gender equality and women empowerment.

Dear Friends and Partners,

The United Nations established its first office in Azerbaijan in November 1992 and since then, we have grown into 18 resident and non-resident UN agencies which are providing critical humanitarian and development assistance in support of national development priorities and plans.

I do not wish to go into the details of our 24 years of achievements and active partnership with the Government of Azerbaijan. If you wish to know about that please read my
recent article in 1news.az.

However, I would like to briefly mention that this year’s observance of United Nations Day occurs at a time of great importance and transition for the world and the United Nations.

1. We have entered the era of sustainability and great promise to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals. In this regard, we commend the decision of the H.E. the President for establishing the National Coordination Council on Sustainable Development. The UN system stands ready to support the efforts of the Council to translate these goals and targets in national plans including the new Economic Roadmap.

2. The landmark Paris Climate Agreement will enter into force on 4 November. We hope that the Government of Azerbaijan will soon ratify the convention which I am
hearing it will.

3. In Azerbaijan, the UN and Government signed its new Parternship Framework in July which will guide the work of the UN agencies in Azerbaijan for the next five years.

4. The United Nations will transition to its ninth Secretary-General Mr. Antonio Guterres who will continue our global mission of peace, sustainable development and human

Dear Friends and Partners,

Today’s gathering is also special to us since for the first time, we are celebrating our most valuable asset, the staff. This year the UN Secretary-General dedicated 25 October as the United Nations Staff Day in order to acknowledge and celebrate the work of UN staff.

Every day, UN staff mobilizes people to advocate for development and humanitarian action. In crisis and disaster affected countries, UN staff and humanitarian aid workers stand on the front lines of war and disaster, braving tremendous dangers and difficulties to deliver vital assistance to those is need. We solute their courage and sacrifices.

In this context, I would like to pay special tribute and thanks to all our national staff who form the backbone of our operations in every country we work.

Please join me in expressing our appreciation to all UN staff in Azerbaijan for their commitment, hard work, and contribution to Azerbaijan’s development.
Thank you for joining us today for the reception to mark the United Nations Day and the UN Staff Day!

Çox sağ olun!

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