National conference in Azerbaijan supports efforts to end tuberculosis through high quality and modern approaches

BAKU, 6 November 2018 – Modern methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Tuberculosis (TB) is the focus of a two-day national scientific and practical conference organised by the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan with technical and financial support of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Bringing together key experts from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, the Medical University and the Post Graduate Institute of Azerbaijan, the event aims to disseminate knowledge and information on the new approaches to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of TB in line with WHO recommendations.

Participants will also discuss epidemiological situation and response actions to TB in the WHO European region and in Azerbaijan, as well as diagnosis and treatment features of drug-resistant TB, implementation of new and modified TB drugs and short-term treatment regimes.

WHO passed a resolution on new Global Tuberculosis Strategy in May 2014. The Strategy aims to end the global TB epidemic, with targets to reduce TB deaths by 95% and to cut new cases by 90% between 2015 and 2035, and to ensure that no family is burdened with catastrophic expenses due to TB.

WHO supports member states, including Azerbaijan, in adaptation of the Strategy and targets at the country level, as well as implementation of the main components such as early diagnosis of TB; treatment of all people with TB including drug-resistant TB; supporting patients support; co-infection with HIV; and prevention and vaccination against TB.


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