Ghulam M. İsaczai's remark at the open lesson on SDGs "Education for All"

Salam, uşaqlar!

My name is Ghulam and I work for the United Nations – a global international organisation which provides support to the Government of Azerbaijan in its achieving sustainable development, including the Sustainable Development Goals.

I have been observing you with a great pleasure and, I must say, I am impressed with your knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals.

First of all, I would like to thank the Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Ali Ahmadov for inviting me to this very interesting discussion and the opportunity to meet and talk to you today.

Today’s lesson was very useful for your better understanding how important Education for All is and that all children should have equal access to education and enjoy quality education.

I would like to conclude today’s open lesson by pointing out the following three important messages:

Education is at the heart of the United Nations global development agenda. Education plays an essential role in achieving all seventeen Sustainable Development Goals as it contributes to reducing inequalities and ensuring prosperity of the people by reducing poverty, creating better jobs, generating the opportunities for just, inclusive and prosperous societies.

The initiative of the United Nations to promote ‘Education for All’ calls for promoting inclusive approach, ending inequalities in education between boys and girls, engaging children with disabilities and from vulnerable families, and ensuring that no one is left behind.

The SDGs will expire by 2030 and they aim to help all people to lead a healthy and fulfilled life. But this is a global aspiration. Whether this global ambition turns into action, depends on what the people do. If we make progress in achieving the SDGs in Azerbaijan, your lives will be better J In the next 13 years, you will graduate from school and will need to make all steps required for your professional career. Think about which SDGs you are going to champion and how you are going to achieve them.

It was a great pleasure to join you today and I hope we will meet again.

Remember even small steps can add up to big progress, if the millions of people around the world are involved in the implementation of the SDGs, this will help improve life for all, and create a better world for today and for the future.

We can only reach the SDGs with the help of people around the world – people like you, your family, your teachers, your friends, your community. It is very important that all of us think about the actions we can take to contribute to the achievement of the Goals.

The Government of Azerbaijan is taking many actions to achieve the SDGs, and the United Nations will continue its partnership with the Government and other national partners such as civil society, the private sector, media to achieve the SDGs, particularly those goals which are most important for children and young people in Azerbaijan.

Good luck and see you soon.

Sağ olun və gələn görüşlərədək!

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