GEF, UNDP to enhance agricultural biodiversity and sustainable use of indigenous plant resources in Azerbaijan

Photo/Elaine Casap

Baku, 29 June 2018 – The largest and most populated country of the South Caucasus, Azerbaijan enjoys the vast amount of nearly 5 million hectares of agricultural land, with almost 40% of it actively cultivated. Known for the enormous diversity of its soil potential, genetic plant resources and robust climatic conditions, Azerbaijan is considered one of the evolution centres of cultivated plants. With more than 4500 higher plants and over 230 endemic plants registered in the country, crop production in Azerbaijan accounts for almost half of the total agricultural production nationwide, whereas livestock farming makes up the remaining half.

In spite of this significant potential, Azerbaijan’s genetic plant resources are vulnerable to a number of factors that put the country’s agrobiodiversity potential in jeopardy.

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