EU, UNDP support the Governments of Azerbaijan and Georgia in securing border control and boosting free trade

Photo: Ana Gujabidze/UNDP

BAKU/Azerbaijan-TBILISI/Georgia, 14 September 2018 –  Where Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are concerned, partnerships are crucial, specifically at a local, regional and global levels. The SDGs can only be realised if countries show strong commitment to working together, including through regional projects that aim to improve livelihoods and create safe grounds for the mobility of people and goods across borders, in a global call to foster peace, security and free trade. In this regard, moving towards more robust, bilateral, regional and international cooperation in border management, Azerbaijan and Georgia have taken a proactive approach to improving and modernising integrated border management systems at joint customs control checkpoints, which connect the two countries of the South Caucasus.

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